Skin Care Products
Hello, I'm Rita owner of All Natural Skin Care. I would like to share with you my beauty secrets that have been passed down for generations. 

Growing up my mother and grandmother loved to garden.They would plant all kinds of flowers, fresh herbs, vegetables, lemon, lime, fig and orange trees. Roses reigned supreme, so of course they were everywhere and they smelled beautiful!! Our house was a Mediterranean oasis filled with wonderful plants.

​My grandmother would come over and to keep us busy she would take us out in the garden and talk about the various vegetation. We would pick certain flowers and herbs at various times in the day and bottle them.
 Making our own body lotions, hair tonics, serums and facial elixirs. 
As I grew older I kept my grandmothers tradition alive. 

My mother still has a lush and vibrant  garden that I still go to in the spring to pick herbs and rose pedals to bottle. Since then, I have traveled the world to discover the secrets of what other countries have to offer. 

As a Licensed N.Y / N.J.= Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist), Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, and Aromatherapist my passion has always been to utilize my knowledge, creativity and appreciation for beauty to understand the "whole" person, and their well being. With the right combination of products, lifestyle habits and skin care techniques everyone can achieve beautiful skin and hair. 

My line differs from others in the fact that I can rejuvenate your skin in just one application with my system, giving you a beautiful healthy glow. 

I started my company using only the finest quality of natural and organic ingredients, the same products Cleopatra used thousands of years ago, and I would like to share my knowledge and passion with you. 

All Natural Skin Care was developed with love, respect and care for the earth and all the beauty it has to offer us.

 Beautiful Skin Naturally!