Skin Care Products

Please click on any of the model photos below to view a before and after shot.

JASMINE, 25 years old
Foundation: Lola 
EyesSalmone D'oro
EyesLined bottom of eye with midnite
Lips: Dusted Lola foundation on and applied lip gloss

STEPHANIE, 18 years old
We set the whole look with Rose Toner
Foundation: Mishka 
Contour: Jayne Foundation
Upper Eye lidEgyptian Gold
Outer Crease of Eye: Lightly with Black & Green
Brow Bone: light dusting of Lilac eye shadow
Lower Lash: lined with Ciara
LipsPowder puff eye shadow mixed with Ice clear lip gloss. 

NATASHA, 19 years old
Foundation: Lola
EyesA wash of Lilac of whole eye
CheekLilac as highlighter
Lips: Pomegranate Blush on lips with tinted lip gloss
We set the whole look with Immortelle toner

KATE, 20 years old
FoundationCarmen (Kate had a really nice tan going at the time of this photo, so Carmen really worked beautiful)
Blush: Pomegranate
Eyes: A wash of Lilac was applied to to the whole eye & brow bone
Eyes: : Black & green was applied on the lower & upper lash line

Melissa, 19 years old
Foundations: Jayne
Blush: Pomegranate
EyesTwinkle was used on the brow bone
Eyes: Cleopatra was used as a highlighter at the inner corner of the eye
Eyes: Red Velvet & Plum Blast were mixed for the corner
Eyes: Midnite was used as upper and lower lash liners
LipsRed Velvet mixed with tinted lipgloss
CARLA, 14 years old
EyesSalmone D'oro
LipsSalmone D'oro mixed with lip gloss
​We set the whole look with lavender toner

MICHELE, 40 years old
Eyes: A wash of Twinkle was applied to to the whole eye & brow bone
EyesRed Velvet was applied in the corners and fanned out 
EyesBlack & Plum Blast were mixed and applied to lower lash line 
Cheeks: Highlighted with Lilac
Lips: Very light Argento Rosa eye shimmer & Pomegranate Blush was mixed with lip gloss

EMILIA, 67 years old
FoundationMishka (Emilia is very fair skinned, But because she does a lot of gardening in the summer, she also had a great tan. So Mishka was perfect for her)
Blush: Baby Pink
Eyes: A wash of Twinkle on the whole eye
Eyes: Very lightly black & blue was applied to the lower lash line 
Eyes: Water was added to midnite to make a liquid liner for the upper lash line 

SHEREEN, 12 years old
Eyes: A wash of Twinkle on the whole eye
LipsPomegranate Blush mixed with lip gloss

MARY ANN, 65 years old
Blush: Rubellite
Eyes Bermuda on the brow bone
EyesMidnite and Penny mixed = lightly lined on bottom of eyes
Lips: Pomegranate Blush was dusted on lips and layered with lip gloss

MANDY SUE, 23 years oldFoundation: Sophia
Contouring: Jayne foundation 
Bronzer: Vanessa foundation
Eyes: Regal
​Highlight Cheeks: Twinkle
Eye Liner: Mixed plum blast and red velvet
Lips: Red velvet eye shadow mixed with lip gloss