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  FAQ Mineral Makeup 

We use the highest quality ingredients to bring you 
Amazing Flawless Glowing Skin!

-Long wearing 
-Absent of talc which prevents pores from getting enlarged
-Gives the appearance of wearing no makeup
-Skin looks glowing 
-SPF 20 factor
-Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores)
-Chemical free
-Calming and soothing to skin

-Preferred and recommended by 
plastic surgeons and dermatologists

-Protective of damaged skin
- Safe for skin with acne and will reduce redness
- Flawless with a long-lasting finish

- Is safe to be used after aggressive 
skin treatments including: 
laser surgery, microdermabrasion 
and chemical peels

-Ideal for acne sufferers and oily skin
-Hides conditions such as rosacea
-Feels utterly weightless
-Gives complete coverage of blemishes

-Nearly waterproof
-Excellent sports makeup
-Ideal for women with active lifestyles
-Virtually free of allergens and sensitizers
-Completely free of bismuth oxychloride (BOC)
-Beautiful, gentle and long-lasting
-Highly pigmented - a little goes a long way

Why is mineral makeup better than traditional makeup?

Our Mineral makeup reflect light - like millions of tiny diamond mirrors - to hide fine lines and discolourations. Unlike traditional cosmetics, which coat the skin with a layer of film, Our mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe and function naturally.

If I have More Mature and aging skin, will ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE MINERALS work well for me?

Yes. Our products work well on all skin types. As a matter of fact, our mineral make up and skin care line were designed to all work together to balance the skin. Our minerals will reflect light lessening the appearance of the surface lines. 

Before applying, be sure to hydrate with our toner, then lock it in with our Argan facial serum, then brighten with our vitamin C serum and moisturize with Radiance anti-aging creme, then apply our beautiful minerals. The silky formula of our foundation will glide on leaving an Amazing flawless finish.

Is mineral makeup organic?
Actually it's inorganic - mineral-based vs. plant or animal-based. What this means is that our pure mineral makeup doesn't require preservatives or pesticides. It's also naturally chemical free.

Do your products contain nano-particles?

Absolutely not. 

Do your products contain gluten?

None whatsoever. None of our foundation, eye shadow or blush !

I have dry skin ……..can I use ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE mineral foundation even though it's in powder form?

Yes. Many people think that a powder will dry the skin, which is completely UNTRUE! What dries out the skin are the fillers and additives that other cosmetic companies use. 

We don’t add talc which is the main ingredient in most facial powders. Our foundation will actually lock moisture into your skin.

Is it all right to use it on acne-prone skin?

We feel confident that our makeup will not make acne-prone skin worse and may even help it.  
Our makeup is completely non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and allows the skin to breathe and function normally. It also easily covers the redness common with eruptions.

Do ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE minerals work for all skin types?

Yes. If you are prone to breaking out, have sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities or even Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome (CIS), the gentle minerals in our cosmetics are likely to be beneficial. 

It’s important to know that anyone can be allergic or sensitive to anything. However, we have eliminated the top three sensitizers from our makeup, synthetic fragrance, petroleum based colorants and synthetic preservatives.

In addition, minerals form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin rather than cross the dermal barrier as some liquid cosmetics do. 

Mineral makeup works well for both oily and dry skin, so your skin can breath. Many of our customers with rosacea tell us that their skin condition improves when they use our mineral foundation. 
And if you have sensitive skin rest assured - our chemical free mineral makeup is also bismuth oxychloride (BOC) FREE.

Our chemical free minerals work well for all skin types and skin imperfections;
-sun damaged

Will ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE mineral makeup camouflage spots on the face?
Yes. Regardless of if you have red spots from acne, brown spots caused from years spent in the sun or even birthmarks, our Mineral make up works as both a concealer and foundation in one. Using proper application you can easily cover all of your skins imperfections.

Can I mix my mineral powders?

Yes. One of the delights of our mineral makeup is their versatility. You can customize your colors by simply combining them. 
Tweak a foundation by adding a little bit of another shade and customize your eye colors as desired. You can use your blush as eye shadow and your eye shadow as blush. 

You can mix eye shadows to create your own unique look. 
Use them wet or on lips, or as a body shimmer/highlighter. 

The possibilities are endless!

 Do your products have an SPF?

All of our Mineral foundations have a SPF rating of 20 through the use of titanium dioxide. 
Our Mineral Foundation offers Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Is it necessary to wear additional sunscreens when using the minerals?

No. You may if you wish. We always believe that you can’t wear too much protection in the sun. 
However, be careful of comedogenic or sensitivity reactions to some chemical sunscreens. 

Are the powders drying?

No, quite the reverse. Our minerals actually trap moisture between the skin and the particle layer. The conception that powders are drying comes from the high use of talc in most formulas – up to 90%!

Some mineral cosmetics cause my skin to itch - will yours?

Sensitivity to Bismuth Oxychloride can cause itching, but it isn't as common as you might think. 
The actual culprit is more likely to be your brushes. Check first to see if are you using an animal hair brush. This is the most common problem. 
You may have used them all of your life, but until you use them to apply a mineral foundation the contact with your face is quite limited. 
With mineral foundation, the bristles are in contact with the skin longer - especially if you "buff" the foundation into your skin. You are quite likely sensitive to the animal hair bristles. 

Does ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE  test on animals?
No. We do not test any of our products on animals.

Do you have a blog?
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Our 
Minerals and Skin Care 
FAQ Skin Care 

Who benefits from ANSC?​
We have something for everyone: ​All Skin can benefit:
oily , dry , sensitive , rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged, combination , acne, normal , aging skin , mature

How Can I use ANSC minerals with ANSC line? 
Very easy you may apply right after you have applied all your skin care for a dewy look or you may wait a few minutes then apply for a more matte finish.

Do you use certified organic ingredients?
Yes. We use certified organic ingredients. They are noted with an asterisk (*) on our full disclosure ingredient list.

Are your products Paraben free?
They are. We’re proud to have formulations which are free of all “hot list” chemicals. We use a natural preservative system. 

Where can I find your ingredients?
We list our ingredients on every single page of each product including our mineral makeup.

How do I oil cleanse?
Apply any one of our cleansing Oil , to damp face and gently massage into skin, focusing on areas of congestion or dryness. 
Spend a minute or two gently working it into your skin. 

 Rinse thoroughly splashing face with lukewarm water. Remove with a warm damp washcloth; Proceed to cleanse skin with Beauty Leaf cleansing creme or Clarifying gel cleanser.
Or you may follow by saturating your face with our toners of your choice.

What sunscreen do you recommend?
Rita prefers to use her mineral foundation with an SPF of 15 will provide adequate protection for daily use.

 In exposed situations, consider sun-protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat with adequate coverage for all parts of the face, including the sides, which are particularly vulnerable.

How do you use the Organic Argan Oil Facial Serum Oil?

*Always use Argan Oil Facial Serum and Rose or lavender toner together. Here’s how:

1) On clean skin spray a generous amount of toner on the face, neck and decollate, 

2) Then add a drop of Argan oil on fore head, cheeks, few drops on neck and decollate. 

With gentle up word strokes massage into skin. If you feel your skin may need more moisture add a few more drops.

You may follow with the vitamin C serum and / or moisturizer for dryer skin types.

Many find the rich combination of our nourishing Oil Serums layered with our toner very well nourishing to the skin as a daily moisturizer.

How can I exfoliate my skin?

Rose facial polish and Deep pore facial treatment will gently lift skin cells, 
debris and oil away from the skin to minimize pores, create smooth, 
clear, luminous results!

The cleansing and exfoliating action of these two powerhouse products
 together cleanse , exfoliate, invigorating the skin for a brighter polished 
 without irritating or tearing the skin. 

Use 2 times a week for a fresher skin.

How Many times Can I apply a Clay Mask?

Use as a weekly clay mask  or as often as needed, This is a very important part of taking care of your skin naturally. Try it twice a week.

Our Ghassoul Clay is a healthy way to mask. Clay maintains and respects the integrity of the skin, while drawing toxins and dead skin cells out of tiny dermal pores. 
It purifies, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces excess oil – all while leaving the skin softer, smoother, and ultimately healthier. 

Remember: Clay stimulates circulation, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to 
the area where applied. As a result some redness is common after a Clay Treatment. Many people prefer to Mask at night for this reason.

How Do I Use My Clay Mask?

1) On clean skin, Add Argan Facial serum or Elixir to face & neck. 

2) Mix a half of teaspoon of clay with water ( or facial toner, cooled Herbal tea, milk, ect ) creating a very THIN paste, apply all over face & neck (or use as a spot treatment).

Allow mask to dry and remove with many splashes of cool water.
After drying skin generously saturate face with toner.

3) Apply 4 to 5 drops of Argan facial serum Or Elixir to face & neck restoring hydration and moisture. You may follow with Vitamin C serum and moisturizer. 

You can also add clay to facial cleansers , adding little drops of water massaging into the skin with your complexion brush or fingers, rinsing with cool water.

What can I do for blemishes?

Don't pick them please. If you do you will be spreading the bacteria around and another one will pop up in the same area.

Apply our Ghassoul clay as a spot treatment to draw out toxins and impurities from congested skin. Let the clay do the work for you. 

Remember: Clay actively draws pimples and blackheads to the surface. Therefore, it is not uncommon to ‘breakout’ after a Clay Mask. With regular use of Clay, in conjunction with our other core remedies (Argan Oil facial Serums & toners), the skin will purify and breakouts will subside, revealing a clear, and vibrant complexion.